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        We think global, aiming for the zenith, whatever the industry or location.       Let us accompany you on the quest

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About us

With origins in intelligence disciplines, Humintpro is a blend of knowledge and experience, fused into a highly targeted approach to the executive search and business consulting services.


We search, assess and recruit specialists, experts, and executives, across all industries, for permanent positions, contract roles, and temporary functions - activity informally known as headhunting.


We also set up businesses in Romania, provide project management solutions, collect and aggregate data on market interactions: production, logistics, and supply chain; sales, customers and competitors; best practices on financing and taxes; business partnership solutions.  


Founded in Brussels, Belgium and relocated to Romania, Humintpro has offices in Iasi and Bucharest. We are active all over the country and we partner with both local and foreign companies.


What recommends us as executive search consultants?


We are a cross-functional group of professionals, experienced in recruiting elite specialists in an exigent business environment.

Humintpro combines this experience with the ability to produce labor market analysis, by sectors, type of companies and levels of responsibilities.


We do original research for each project, using our Clients' requirements as the input: need, budget, and time.


At Humintpro, we are specialized in the direct search method and lateral recruitment, which makes us different from other companies in this field. 
Direct search means that we also reach those people who are involved, capable and efficient in their current profession, not only those who are actively looking to change job position. The reality is that plenty of potential Candidates are passive because they have already met success on their career path. 
Lateral recruitment means that we recruit from competition if this is to our Client interest, and if we have no off-limits.


Our recruitment solutions are verifiable by 4 measurable indicators: timeline, quality, quantity, and feedback consistency  (see terms of recruitment).


What distinguishes us in business consulting?


Our management consulting services focus on our customers' critical issues and opportunities: organization, strategy, finance, marketing, operations, transformation, mergers & acquisitions, technology, and sustainable development, across all industries and places in Romania.


We work in three main directions:


  • project management and interim management, as the case may be: we deliver services by our own consultants, or we select from our network of freelance partners, which includes elite professionals from all industries


  • setting up new businesses and franchising based businesses in Romania: we cover all startup phases, depending on our Clients' requirements


  • competitive intelligence: we support our Clients'  decisions, strategies, and business operations, providing intelligence products about the environment in which their organizations operate or have interests. 

Mihai Roman
founder and leader 

Enterprise leader and Intelligence specialist, jurist as education, and disciple of Humanism. 
In 2016, I founded Humintpro in Brussels, Belgium, bringing together the knowledge and professional experience with the passion for entrepreneurship. In 2018, I relocated the enterprise to Romania, one of the most attractive business markets in the EU zone. 
Before founding Humintpro, I have been a Counterespionage officer, dedicated to HUMINT (human intelligence) operations. I was a certified mentor in my activity.  



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Our mission statement: 

- We quest the intellectual prowess of humans, marked by high cognition, motivation, and experience, the ability to learn and to apply reason

- Our Candidates and Clients are equally important to us, as they contribute to the same extent on our development. We shape all our business relations on the basis of mutual trust and respect. 


- We employ ethics and responsibility in our work. We tell the truth to our Clients and Candidates and don't present profiles, job offers or business projects that are not sustained by reality. Candidates are recommended to Clients objectively, with their strengths and weaknesses.  


- The recruitment process is a search for compatibilities. The emphasis is put on competence and professional motivation; the salary and benefits shall naturally mirror these qualities (see the procedure).   


- We guarantee for the outcome of our assignments, out of professional pride and because we keep our engagements. We don't accept deadlines we cannot meet.


- We work exclusively on each retained project, so we don't present a Candidate to more than one Client at a time. However, in some situations, for highly qualified profiles and only outside the frame of a call for recruitment, we may change the strategy and work on a speculative basis. Meaning that, in accordance with Candidates' professional preferences, overall relocation circumstances, and only with their prior and informed decision, we may search and approach potential employers. The employer is the one who bears the recruitment fee, in this case as well, but only following the employment, pursuant to a contingency recruitment agreement.


- We uphold a strict policy of confidentiality and compliance with particular zoning legislation. Under no circumstances, business insights shall be disclosed. All precautions are taken to protect our Candidates' current professional situation. No harmful or discriminatory information concerning Candidates shall be disclosed to other parties.


- We take pride in delivering competence and growth to our Clients and professional progress to our Candidates.