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We are competitive in terms of offering a highly attractive package to motivate and retain top-quality talent within the company. 
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Business Projects 

We are generally interested in implementing technological innovation businesses, particularly environmental and climate technologies, information and communications, and medical technologies.


Call for business proposals: MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE RECYCLING PROJECT, a revolutionary eco-compatible technology, at an industrial scale


In cooperation with our Italian partner (the patent holder), we are bringing into the market a revolutionary eco-compatible technology, capable of recycling and regenerating 100% of the plastic waste, at an industrial scale, without secondary pollution.


The idea of this project is to reconcile the environmental protection philosophy with the economic growth of a company and the sustainable development for society. The technology designers, a team of mechanical engineers, dedicated their last 20 years to the development of recycling machinery and techniques. The inventors have discovered a way to recycle all plastic waste, eliminating landfill and creating a completely circular economy, where plastic objects, once they have finished their use, are "thermo-compacted" and regenerated in a virtuous recycling process.


Competitive advantages of the new technology:


  • Disruptive innovation: presently, this is the only technology in the world that can transform the heterogeneous plastic waste into plastic granules, plastic products or a mixed plastic conglomerate of large industrial applicability. It holds several patents granted by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in 2018. With other technologies, only the homogeneous plastic is recycled, and the heterogeneous waste is incinerated or sent to landfills

  • The technology uses waste as raw material - zero or minimal costs​​


  • The lowest possible energy consumption and the highest productivity: minimum of 1000 kg per hour of generic plastic waste is transformed into pellets/granules, plastic products or a plastic conglomerate of superior physical performance.


Type of materials that can be recycled by this technology, according to the European Waste Catalog (name-characteristics-code):


  • Plastic packaging - plastic, mixed at the end-of-the-line - code 15 01 02

  • Plastic and rubber - plastic in presence of rubber - 19 12 04

  • Waste from pulp recovery (cellulose fiber) - pulp recovered from paper processing plants - code 03 03 07

  • Mixed waste - virgin polylaminate (waste) - code 15 01 05

  • Fiberglass waste - fiberglass production waste - code 10 11 99

  • Fiber/glass materials waste - fiber and glass production waste - code 10 11 03

  • Combustible waste - refuse-derived fuel (RDF) - code 19 1210

  • Non-dangerous waste generated by mechanical treatment - mixed waste - code 19 12 12


The recycling process starts with the separation of the heterogeneous plastic waste (estimated at 12.5% of total municipal solid waste) from all other types of refuse 87.5% (organic, metal, glass, and wood), then it is mixed with additives, and finally turned into plastic granules with a thermo-compactor, which is the core of the invention.

The thermo-compactor can be accompanied by other industrial components of a complete recycling station or it can be adapted to already existing facilities of recycling or production of plastic mass.

A complete recycling station is divided into three industrial appliances:

  • Selection and preparation plant for enhancing the plastic materials (grinding plant)

  • Thermo-compaction plant for the preparation of plastic granules - the thermo-compactor, which is the core of the invention.

  • Molding plant for the production of the finite products (see some examples below).


An estimation of the income generating potential can be made on the following data:

  • the average price in the EU for plastic granules of higher physical performance is 600 €/ton; the minimum production rate of this technology is 1 ton/hour of plastic granules. 

  • the average price in the EU for 120x80 cm disposable plastic pallets of 6-6.5 kg each is 6€/unit; the minimum production rate for a complete recycling station (provided with the molding plant) is above 1 million pieces per year. ​​


Industrial applications - some examples of products that are made of second-life plastic:

  • Pipes for aqueducts, for high pressure and coextruded, with supporting structures

  • Pipes for industrial exhausts and sewers externally supported and coextruded

  • Pipes for the containment of insulating coatings on steel pipes for gas pipelines and oil pipelines

  • Panels for formwork walls, floors, stairs, balconies etc.

  • Pallets

  • Formwork for pillars of all shapes

  • Disposable formworks for modular industrial floors.

  • Fences molded in one piece

  • Modular fences

  • Open air ducts for irrigation

  • Modular extruded profiles, for canopies, summerhouses, games for parks, garages, houses, attics etc.

  • Industrial platforms

  • Flooring for cycling tracks

  • Flooring for car parks, and for containment

  • External wall coverings for building structures

  • Modular cable reels

  • Sewage wells

  • Drainage channels for meteoric water

  • Biological and grease separator tanks

  • Big sewers, composable in sectors

  • Plastic boards for flooring

  • Fruit & vegetable bins, and industrial bins

  • Underground smart containers for urban waste collection

  • Tanks

  • Platforms for all kinds of shipping

  • Road foundations and embankments

  • Drainage and water collection modules

  • Modules for sound-absorbing barriers, railway, and highway sound-absorbing panels

  • Seats for sports facilities

  • Containers for floriculture

  • Sound-absorbing and thermo-insulated walls for low-cost housing units

  • Insulation panels for building structures (cavities)

  • Structures for the installation of photovoltaic panels

  • Flooring replacing traditional bitumen

  • Bumpers and plastic moldings.


This project is open for business - buying and implementation, joint-venture, venture capital agreement etc. In Romania and other countries as well.


Contact us for documentation and applied business discussion.