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Terms of recruitment


Note: The below-mentioned terms apply in case of the retained executive search contract. In those cases when we accept a contingency recruitment assignment, or when we present Candidates on a speculative basis, the terms of business are different, the fee may be at another rate and is paid once - when the Candidate accepts the Client's offer of engagement. The procedure differs, as well.



In compliance with the role description, candidate specification, and project location, Humintpro will implement and accomplish the optimal recruitment solution. Following the search procedure (see procedure), we will present several highly qualified Candidates, from which the Client will hire the best fit.


The recruitment solution shall be verifiable by 4 measurable indicators:


Timeline - the progress is in accordance with the deadlines;

Quality - the Candidates meet all criteria; the search is consistent with the recruitment need;

Quantity - a sufficient number of Candidates are approached, assessed and presented; the Client will be able to opt;

Feedback consistency - Candidates' reaction to the offer and labor market insight, by sectors, type of companies and levels of responsibilities (via status reports).



The recruitment process lasts 1 to 3 months from the instruction, depending on the complexity and the location of the mission. The first status report is made after 12 days from the start and onwards, on a periodic basis, until a shortlist of Candidates is presented. The recruitment process is deemed fulfilled when the selected Candidate(s) and the Client sign the Engagement contract.  The term does not include the notice period required by the selected Candidate nor the time required by the Client to schedule the interview slots and to decide on engagement.



The fee is agreed with our Clients as a percent of the total remuneration for the first year. The remuneration includes the gross base salary or fees, the bonus and the commission earnings.

For temporary positions of less than 12 months, the fee is applicable pro-rata.

For multiple projects, a discount may be applicable.

The preferred supplier agreement benefits a discount rate, in any case.

Occasionally, out of respect for Clients' necessity to budget exactly, we may accept a fixed fee, estimated at the complexity of the mission.

When the Client hires more than one person from the same short-list of a project, for a similar or different position, within 12 months since the first Candidate's employment, we invoice an additional 50% of the initial fee of the project.

The Client supports Candidates’ travel expenses, related to recruitment.

The VAT is charged at the standard rate on all fees where applicable.



The payment is due as follows:

1/3 on instruction

1/3 when the Client accepts the short-list of eligible Candidates

1/3 when the contract is signed between the selected Candidate and the Client.

The first and the second fees are agreed upon at the beginning of the project, at an estimated market level.

The final fee will be adjusted according to the actual value of the accepted offer.

On complex assignments, as the recruitment campaigns, the invoicing may be more flexible (see our services).



If, after an offer has been made and accepted, the engagement does not commence because the Candidate withdraws their acceptance, Humintpro will find a replacement, under the same conditions, free of charge.

We guarantee for our candidates one year. If during that period, either the Candidate or the Client terminates the engagement, for reasons that impeach the quality of our work, we will start a new project, under the same conditions, free of charge.

The guarantee does not apply when the Client makes redundancies or introduces budgetary restrictions, and this is the reason why the Candidate terminate or not commence the engagement.


Cessation or Suspension of the Assignment

The Client can decide to cease or to suspend the recruitment project at any time. In that case, the invoiced fees are not refundable. The Client can resume the project at any time, under the same conditions, with no additional charges.



We work on each project exclusively. We never present a Candidate to more than one Client at a time, and we do original research for the assignment. We do not push "hard-to-sell" profiles to our Clients. Should we introduce a Candidate on a speculative basis, we inform the Client accordingly.

We undertake the recruitment mission on basis of trust and a clear understanding that the Client will not engage another recruitment company to handle the same project at once.



We uphold a strict policy of confidentiality. Under no circumstances, business insights shall be disclosed.

We undertake all precautions to protect our Clients from possible deceptive practices in connection with the recruitment mission.

At the same time, all information concerning the Candidates shall be used solely for the recruitment purpose, on a non-disclosure basis. We, Humintpro and the Client, take all precautions to protect our Candidates' current professional situation.


Off limits:

For the duration of the recruitment contract, Clients' staff is off limits to Humintpro.


Contact us for more information or to ask for a draft contract!