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Executive Search. Services and procedure

Humintpro recruits specialists, experts, and executives for permanent positions, contract roles, and temporary/ad interim functions. With offices in Iasi and Bucharest, we are active all over the county and can access just about all industries. We work with both local and foreign companies, exclusively on each retained assignment and we do original research. Only professional recruiters handle the missions (about us).


Recruitment solutions


Individual and multiple recruitment assignments: the need is to fill one position or to recruit several Candidates, usually in the same function group, on one location.


Recruitment campaigns: imply multiple recruitment projects over a longer time, on one or more locations. The recruitment demand can be a combination of permanent positions, contract roles, and temporary/ad interim functions. In this case, the intention is to implement a recruitment strategy needed to support:


  • the offshoring and onshoring procedures

  • the organic growth of a company

  • the start-up of a business

  • the business transformation process.


Preferred Supplier Agreement: a long-term recruitment contract at a discounted rate, on exclusivity basis, when our Clients' recruitment needs are consistent and programmatic.



Our procedure


At the outset of the assignment, we conduct an analytical process, which will influence the entire project. Understanding all circumstances of the job opening, what the team is expected to achieve and what the Candidate is expected to bring forth, is a must. We have to know the lateral recruitment preferences and the off-limits if any. 


We work with our Clients on a detailed job description. We set the profile and determine the target environment by sectors, companies, and levels of responsibilities. The team defines a strategy and assigns the proper resources.


At Humintpro, we are specialized in the direct search method and lateral recruitment, which makes us different from other companies in this field. 


Direct search means that we also reach those people who are involved, capable and efficient in their current profession, not only those who are actively looking to change job position. The reality is that plenty of potential Candidates are passive because they have already met success on their career path. Nevertheless, we do not push "hard-to-sell" profiles to our Clients. The recruitment process is a search for compatibilities, not a salary auction. The emphasis is put on competence and professional motivation, as the salary and benefits shall naturally mirror these qualities.

Lateral recruitment means that we recruit from competition if this is to our Client interest, and if we have no off-limits.


Complementary, we use databases, relational diagrams, and open-source intelligence to collect data for initial profiling and operational planning.


We find and contact Candidates, interview them, check their background and references, and do the assessment.

Throughout the selection process, we determine the suitability of the Candidates, their overall potential to fit business performance goals and the staff conduct code. In compliance with our Client exigence, we use forms of technical competence assessment.

If needed, we use external experts for technical evaluation and language capabilities.


We quest the motivational pattern of our Candidates, to find out what drives them to their peak performance, understand their reason to choose the change and what is likely to retain them within the new organization. We praise the importance of employee motivation as the psychological catalyst required reaching goals.       


During the search procedure, we are accountable via Status Reports, a good manner to supply labor market insight, to receive Client’s feedback and adapt the project accordingly.


We present several qualified Candidates to the client for interviews, along with an assessment report for each short-listed candidate. Once the Client has selected one or more Candidates for the hiring, we conduct final reference checks to confirm the Candidate’s suitability and to ensure all relevant information.

We provide assistance during negotiations with the selected Candidate on the terms of employment, keeping within confidentiality with both parties.

After the hiring, we stay in touch with both the Client and the successful Candidate to assure the transition.


For international assignments, our standard working language is English, as the main international commerce language. Nevertheless, we can provide other language capabilities if needed.


Note: The abovementioned procedure applies in case of the retained executive search contract. In those cases when we accept a contingency recruitment assignment or when we present Candidates on a speculative basis, the procedure differs to a certain extent.

  • Aviation & Aerospace

  • Chemicals

  • Civil engineering

  • IT & Telecom

  • Logistics  & Supply Chain

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Oil & Gas

  • Architecture

  • Board search

  • Consumer & Retail

  • Design & Engineering

  • Financial & Professional Services

  • Mechanical & Industrial engineering


  • Automotive

  • Defense & Security

  • Education

  • Food & Beverages

  • Government & non-profit

  • Energy

  • Medical sciences & Healthcare

  • Resources & Infrastructure